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Games with Heart


The Unnamed Game Co started with the goal to publish good games. Despite being a simple aspiration, it's never easy to start something new. With so many ideas and infinite possibilities, it has not been easy to focus our energies. Now with renewed vision we are looking to add to the cultural lexicon with games that are accessible, inclusive, and most of all, fun.

But fun isn't all laughter and comedy - sometimes fun takes strange shapes and comes from new experiences. We hope to provide games that touch the full spectrum of emotions a person can experience, and give folks a chance to see the world through a new point of view.

A Different Kind of Company


In the same way that our games to have heart, we infuse heart into how we do business. We believe that all creators and contributors need to be paid. Our goal is not to make money, but to make games. With that in mind, we always invest in the people who are creating. Every person who participates in the design and production of our game is compensated for their time and efforts.

This may mean our business grows slower financially, but we believe having a strong ethical foundation will support stronger games. We don't just want to make products, we want to expand the gaming community, and lift new voices!

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Gilbert S.

Creator, Writer, and Caster


Ceridwen A.

Layout Artist and Worldbuilder


Jordan T.

Creator, Writer, Caster, and Peopler





Croque aka Boogie


Illustrated Princess

Gilbert's Girlfriend


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