Current Projects

Imaginary Problems is a game about being the imaginary friend of a kid.

The gameplay involves working with your group to find imaginative solutions to real problems!

Characters are created through a series of collaborative games that inspire players to tap into childlike wonder and silliness. The characters then calibrate the severity of world events that affect their Kids. Each week there is a new world event, but your Kid is also facing challenges a home, or school. Players calibrate their own experience by choosing how intense their Kid's problem is. One Kid might be dealing with the loss of a family pet while another ate a crayon. In the world of the imaginary, all things are equal.

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Tenuous Choice is an exploration of hopelessness, isolation, crisis, and consequence.

Step into the role of a designated survivor, left to digest information in an helpless position. How do you measure the value of human life? How to you decide when enough is enough? Unravel the mystery as you explore interpersonal relationships in an impossible situation.

The First Big Goodbye
The Last Mission
The First Mission
Our First Goodbye

This Night and Then is a game about goodbyes. Starting at the end of a story, players use flashbacks to create the story of how they got there.

The flexible use of genre allows for a wide variety of tone from serious to silly.

Art by Jules Blanc

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